A packagemanager handles a single package or a list of packages installed locally.

It provides common methods to query installed packages and triggers updates or installs.


interface PackagemanagerPackagemanagerInterface {



  • getInstalledPackages() — Returns a list of installed packages, so a single metadata-entry for each package.
  • getObjMetadata() — Returns the metadata currently set.
  • getStrTargetPath() — Queries the packagemanager for the resolved target path, so the folder to package will be located at after installation (or is already located at since it's already installed.
  • getVersionInstalled() — Gets the version of the package currently installed.
  • installOrUpdate() — Invokes the installer, if given.
  • isInstallable() — Validates, whether the current package is installable or not.
  • isRemovable() — Validates if the current package is removable or not.
  • move2Filesystem() — Moves the extracted(!) package from the temp-folder to the target-folder.
  • remove() — Removes the current package, if possible, from the system
  • updateDefaultTemplate() — This method is called during the installation of a package.