A contentprovider is a single source, e.g. a fileupload or a remote-server providing packages.

The provider is responsible of transferring the package to the local system and to check for updates.


interface PackagemanagerContentproviderInterface {



  • getDisplayTitle() — Returns the name of the current provider, in most cases used to select the provider.
  • initPackageUpdate() — Inits the update of the passed package, if given.
  • processPackageUpload() — The real "download" or "upload" should be handled right here.
  • renderPackageList() — Renders the list of available packages or any other kind of gui-representation of the packageprovider.
  • searchPackage() — Searches for a list of packages, the title may be a comma-separated list of package-names If found, the packages' metadata is returned.