Name Description
Iterator No description available
IteratorAggregate No description available
JsonSerializable No description available


Name Description
AdminwidgetInterface Interface to be implemented by all adminwidgets


Name Description
EventProviderInterface EventProviderInterface
TodoProviderInterface TodoProviderInterface


Name Description
PackagemanagerContentproviderInterface A contentprovider is a single source, e.g. a fileupload or a remote-server providing packages.
PackagemanagerPackagemanagerInterface A packagemanager handles a single package or a list of packages installed locally.
PackagemanagerPharGeneratorInterface Generates a phar out of a passed directory
PackagemanagerRemoteparserInterface A remote parser knows how to handle the result of a queried remote content provider.


Name Description
AdminElementInterface Interface for the admin-classes of page-elements


Name Description
PortalElementInterface Interface for the portal-classes of page-elements


Name Description
PdfFooterInterface Interface for a single pdf footer element
PdfHeaderInterface Interface for a single pdf header element


Name Description
ModuleRatingAlgoInterface Interface to be implemented by all rating-algorithms designed to calculate ratings
ModuleRatingSortalgoInterface Interface to be implemented by all rating-sort-algorithms designed to calculate the lists


Name Description
SearchEventidentifier List of events managed by the search module.
SearchPluginInterface Interface for all portal search-plugins
SearchQueryInterface Interface for search queries


Name Description
AdminInterface Interface for all admin-classes (modules) Ensures, that all needed methods are being implemented.
AdminskinImageresolverInterface Each skin should provide a class called "AdminskinImageresolver.php" implementing this interface.
FormentryInterface Interface for all form-objects.
FormentryPrintableInterface Extension to the simple formentry-interface, adds a method to fetch a textual representation of the value. May be used for "readonly" fields or generic summaries of a record.
XmlAdminInterface Interface for all xml-admin-classes (modules) Ensures, that all needed methods are being implemented


Name Description
AdminStatsreportsInterface Interface for the admin-plugins of the stats-reports


Name Description
AdminSystemtaskInterface Interface to specify the layout of a systemtask.


Name Description
PortalInterface Interface for all portal-classes (modules) Ensures, that all needed methods are being implemented
TemplatemapperInterface Interface to convert a single value to a readable value, printable to a template.
XmlPortalInterface Interface for all xml-portal-classes (modules) Ensures, that all needed methods are being implemented


Name Description
AdminGridableInterface A grid-element is a subset of the listables.
AdminListableInterface As soon as an entry should be listable in the administration (and makes use of the auto-generated lists), the object should implement AdminListableInterface.
AdmininterfacePluginInterface Interface for admin-plugins
ChangelogProviderInterface A changelog provider creates a mapping of objects to target-tables
GenericPluginInterface A generic plugin is an object implementing a given extension point / plugin point.
GenericeventListenerInterface The generic event-listener may be used to listen to events even if the implementing interface may not be available in the current system-setup.
GraphInterface Interface for all chart-engines.
InstallerInterface Interface for all module installers.
InstallerRemovableInterface Extension to the basic interface, add support for remove-operations to the current installer.
InterfaceJStreeNodeLoader Interface for loading tree nodes
IteratorInterface Interface for all iterators An iterator is used to walk over a collection of elements
ModelInterface Interface for all model-classes
OrmConditionInterface Represents an arbitrary condition. Has methods to return a prepared SQL condition and the fitting parameters
SamplecontentInstallerInterface Interface for all installers
ScriptletInterface Scriptlets are a way to realize common helper-methods, e.g. in order to convert placeholders to "real" content.
SearchPortalobjectInterface A special interface to be implemented by all objects to be included into the portal search index.
SearchResultobjectInterface This interface is used to generate the click-link for objects found by the search.
SortableRatingInterface Objects to be sortable by the rating have to implement this interface.
SortmanagerInterface A implementation of the sortmanager-interface handles all operations related to sort-operations
SystemEventidentifier Central namespace for all events thrown and managed by the core / module system.
SysteminfoInterface Interface for systeminfo plugins.
ValidatorExtendedInterface A validator is used to validate a chunk of data.
ValidatorInterface A validator is used to validate a chunk of data.
VersionableInterface The VersionableInterface lists all methods an object has to implement in order to comply with the internal changelog-system.
XmlInterface Interface for all xml-classes (modules) Ensures, that all needed methods are being implemented.


Name Description
DbDriverInterface Interface to specify the layout of db-drivers.


Name Description
ImageOperationInterface Interface ImageOperationInterface Each image-operation plugin has to implement this interface


Name Description
MessageproviderExtendedInterface The extended interface adds some special configuration options to messageproviders.
MessageproviderInterface A message-provider is used to emit and to process messages, e.g. from modules to a user or a group.


Name Description
UsersourcesGroupInterface Global interface for all groups. Defines the common methods for all groups.
UsersourcesUserInterface Interface for all users. Defines the common methods for user-objects.
UsersourcesUsersourceInterface Interface defining all main methods for a single usersource.


Name Description
WorkflowsHandlerExtendedinfoInterface Adds some descriptive text to the current workflow-instance.
WorkflowsHandlerInterface A single workflow has to implement this interface.