The core eventmanager is used to trigger and fire internal events such as status-changed or record-deleted-events.

Therefore the corresponding interface-implementers are called and notified.

Since version 4.5, the eventdispatcher provides a fully generic approach. Hardcoded-/package based dependencies are no longer required.


class CoreEventdispatcher {





  • addListener() — Adds a listener to the list of registered listeners.
  • getInstance() — Returns an instance of system wide event-dispatcher
  • getRegisteredListeners() — Returns the list of listeners currently registered for a given event
  • notifyGenericListeners() — Notifies all listeners implementing the passed extension point.
  • removeAllListeners() — Removes ALL registered listeners for the given extension point
  • removeAndAddListener() — Removes all listeners of the same class registered for the given event-identifier and adds the passed listener afterwards.
  • removeListener() — Removes a registered listener from a list of given event-listeners.