This method may be used, if the current module is able to register own levels in the navigation.

See the module mediamanager (gallery, downloads) on how to use this special feature. The array returned by this method should be structured like: array( node => NavigationPoint , subnodes => array( array( node => NavigationPoint, subnodes => array(...)), array( node => NavigationPoint, subnodes => array(...)) ) ) If you don't want to create additional navigation entries, don't overwrite this method. Otherwise you have to override the method providesNavigationEntries() and return true. This method is only queried if the static providesNavigationEntries is true since the number of queries could be reduced drastically due to this pre-check. If you only want to return a flat list of nodes, you can return an array of NavigationPoint instances instead of wrapping them into the way more complex node/subnode structure.