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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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oCAval1 val2
oCBval2 val3
oCclass_abstract_controllerA common base class for class_admin_controller and class_portal_controller
oCclass_adminEmpty class-body to remain backwards compatible with version before Kajona 4.6
oCclass_admin_batchactionA massaction is a single, descriptive object to be rendered by the admin-toolkit
oCclass_admin_controllerThe Base-Class for all admin-interface classes
oCclass_admin_evensimplerClass holding common methods for extended and simplified admin-guis
oCclass_admin_formgeneratorThe admin-form generator is used to create, validate and manage forms for the backend
oCclass_admin_helperA class holding common helper-methods for the backend
oCclass_admin_simpleClass holding common methods for extended and simplified admin-guis
oCclass_admininterface_pluginmanagerClass holding a simple plugin manager for admin plugins implementing interface_admininterface_plugin
oCclass_adminskin_helperA small class providing a few methods handling the admin-skins available
oCclass_adminskin_imageresolverClass class_adminskin_imageresolver
oCclass_adminwidgetBase class to be extended by all adminwidgets
oCclass_adminwidget_lastmodifiedpagesA widget rendering the pages last modified
oCclass_adminwidget_updatecheckA widget to check the availability of possible updates
oCclass_apc_cacheThe APC cache depends on the optional apc-bytecode cache
oCclass_array_iteratorClass to iterator over an array
oCclass_array_section_iteratorClass to iterator over an array
oCclass_authentication_exceptionClass class_authentication_exception
oCclass_browscapA simple wrapper to browscap-php
oCclass_cacheThe cache-class is the central way of caching objects in Kajona
oCclass_calendarentryData-Container for a single calendar-entry
oCclass_carrierHeart of the system - granting access to all needed objects e.g
oCclass_changelog_containerSimple data-container for logentries
oCclass_changelog_provider_settingsA simple provider to separate settings-changes from the other changes
oCclass_character_validatorA simple validator to validate if a value is a single caracter
oCclass_classloaderClass-loader for all Kajona classes
oCclass_common_sortmanagerThe default implementation of the sortmanager, used by most modules and records
oCclass_configClass to manage and access config-values
oCclass_cookieA small class to provide access to cookies, both ways, reading as writing
oCclass_core_eventdispatcherThe core eventmanager is used to trigger and fire internal events such as status-changed or record-deleted-events
oCclass_csvClass_csv, used to access data stored in csv-files
oCclass_dateThe date class is used to handle all kind of date and time related operations
oCclass_date_helperA general helper in order to calculate special dates, like easter or s.th
oCclass_date_templatemapperA templatemapper rendering a formatted date
oCclass_date_validatorA simple validator to validate a string
oCclass_datetime_templatemapperA templatemapper rendering a formatted date with its time
oCclass_dbThis class handles all traffic from and to the database and takes care of a correct tx-handling CHANGE WITH CARE! Since version 3.4, prepared statments are supported
oCclass_db_baseBase class for all database-drivers, holds methods to be used by all drivers
oCclass_db_datatypesList of possible data-types usable when generating new tables / updating tables
oCclass_db_mysqliDb-driver for MySQL using the php-mysqli-interface
oCclass_db_oci8Db-driver for oracle using the ovi8-interface
oCclass_db_postgresDb-driver for postgres using the php-postgres-interface
oCclass_db_sqlite3Db-driver for sqlite3 using the php-sqlite3-interface
oCclass_default_templatemapperA dummy mapper, rendering the value as is back to the template
oCclass_differentuser_validatorChecks if the selected user is the user which is currently logged in
oCclass_download_managerUsed to send a file to the user
oCclass_dummy_validatorA simple validator, acting as a dummy
oCclass_element_adminThe base class for all page-elements
oCclass_element_directorybrowser_adminClass to handle the admin-stuff of the directorybrowser-element
oCclass_element_directorybrowser_portalLoads the last-modified date of the current page and prepares it for output
oCclass_element_downloads_adminClass representing the admin-part of the downloads element
oCclass_element_downloads_portalPortal-part of the downloads-element
oCclass_element_eventmanager_adminClass representing the admin-part of the eventmanager element
oCclass_element_eventmanager_portalPortal-part of the eventmanager-element
oCclass_element_facebooklikebox_adminClass to handle the admin-stuff of the tagto-element
oCclass_element_faqs_adminClass representing the admin-part of the faqs element
oCclass_element_faqs_portalPortal-part of the faqs-element
oCclass_element_flash_adminClass to handle the admin-stuff of the flash-element
oCclass_element_flash_portalLoads the flash element and prepares it for output
oCclass_element_formular_adminClass to handle the admin-stuff of the formular-element
oCclass_element_formular_portalPortal Element to load the formular specified in the admin
oCclass_element_gallery_adminClass representing the admin-part of the gallery element
oCclass_element_gallery_portalPortal-part of the gallery-element
oCclass_element_galleryRandom_adminClass representing the admin-part of the gallery element
oCclass_element_guestbook_adminClass representing the admin-part of the guestbook element
oCclass_element_guestbook_portalPortal-part of the guestbook-element
oCclass_element_image_adminClass to handle the admin-part of the element
oCclass_element_image_portalPortal-Class of the picture element
oCclass_element_languageswitch_adminClass to handle the admin-part of the element
oCclass_element_languageswitch_portalPortal-Class of the picture element
oCclass_element_lastmodified_adminClass to handle the admin-stuff of the lastmodified-element
oCclass_element_lastmodified_portalLoads the last-modified date of the current page and prepares it for output
oCclass_element_maps_adminAdmin class to handle the maps
oCclass_element_maps_portalPortal-Part of the maps
oCclass_element_mediaplayer_adminClass to handle the admin-stuff of the mediaplayer-element
oCclass_element_mediaplayer_portalLoads the mediaplayer and prepares it for output
oCclass_element_navigation_adminAdmin class of the navigation element
oCclass_element_navigation_portalPortal-class of the navigation element, loads the navigation-portal class
oCclass_element_news_adminClass representing the admin-part of the news element
oCclass_element_news_portalPortal-part of the news-element
oCclass_element_paragraph_adminAdmin class to handle the paragraphs
oCclass_element_paragraph_portalPortal-Part of the paragraph
oCclass_element_portalBase Class for all portal-elements
oCclass_element_portallogin_adminClass to handle the admin-stuff of the portallogin-element
oCclass_element_portallogin_portalPortal Element to load the login-form, or a small "status" area, providing an logout link
oCclass_element_portalregistration_adminClass to handle the admin-stuff of the portalregistration-element
oCclass_element_portalregistration_portalPortal Element to allow users to register themself
oCclass_element_portalupload_adminClass to handle the admin-stuff of the portalupload-element
oCclass_element_portalupload_portalPortal Element to load the login-form, or a small "status" area, providing an logout link
oCclass_element_postacomment_adminClass representing the admin-part of the postacomment element
oCclass_element_postacomment_portalPortal-part of the postacomment-element
oCclass_element_row_adminAdmin class to handle the paragraphs
oCclass_element_row_portalPortal-Part of the row-element
oCclass_element_rssfeed_adminClass to handle the admin-stuff of the rssfeed-element
oCclass_element_rssfeed_portalLoads the rssfeed specified in the element-settings and prepares the output
oCclass_element_search_adminClass representing the search element on the admin side
oCclass_element_search_portalPortal element of the search-module
oCclass_element_tags_adminClass to handle the admin-stuff of the tags-element
oCclass_element_tags_portalLoads the tags currently available in the system and renders them
oCclass_element_tagto_adminClass to handle the admin-stuff of the tagto-element
oCclass_element_tagto_portalLoads the last-modified date of the current page and prepares it for output
oCclass_element_tellafriend_adminClass to handle the admin-stuff of the tellafriend-element
oCclass_element_tellafriend_portalLoads the last-modified date of the current page and prepares it for output
oCclass_element_userlist_adminClass to handle the admin-stuff of the userlist-element
oCclass_element_userlist_portalCreates a table-based list of all users including the option to export the list as csv
oCclass_element_votings_adminClass representing the admin-part of the votings element
oCclass_element_votings_portalPortal-part of the votings-element
oCclass_elementinstaller_baseAdditional base class for packages with only an element-installer
oCclass_email_validatorA simple validator to validate a string
oCclass_exceptionThis is the common exception to inherit or to throw in the code
oCclass_filesystemClass handling communication with the filesystem, e.g
oCclass_flyimageThis class can be used to create fast "on-the-fly" resizes of images or to create a captcha image To resize an image, you can call this class like webpath/image.php?image=path/to/image.jpg&maxWidth=200&maxHeight=200 To resize and crop an image to a fixed size, you can call this class like webpath/image.php?image=path/to/image.jpg&fixedWidth=200&fixedHeight=200 To create a captcha image, you can call this class like webpath/image.php?image=kajonaCaptcha If used with jpeg-pictures, the param quality=[1-95] can be used, default value is 90
oCclass_folder_validatorValidates, if the passed value is an existing folder
oCclass_formentry_autoheadlineA headline generated out of an objects' property
oCclass_formentry_baseThe base-class for all form-entries
oCclass_formentry_dependentdropdownThe dependent dropdown is only useful in combination with a masterdropdown
oCclass_formentry_dividerA hidden field
oCclass_formentry_dropdownA yes-no field renders a dropdown containing a list of entries
oCclass_formentry_floatA simple form-element for floats, makes use of localized decimal-separators
oCclass_formentry_headlineA fieldset may be used to group content
oCclass_formentry_hiddenA hidden field
oCclass_formentry_masterdropdownThe master-dropdown may be used to fill a list of dropdowns in dependency of each other
oCclass_formentry_month_year_dropdownRenders two dropdown boxes, on for month and one for the year
oCclass_formentry_multiselectA yes-no field renders a dropdown containing a list of entries
oCclass_formentry_plaintextA formentry to add special code to forms, in most cases hidden js-code
oCclass_formentry_templateA yes-no field renders a dropdown containing a list of entries
oCclass_formentry_textrowA text-row is a graphical element, similar to a divider, but this case in order to render a text-field
oCclass_formentry_toggleonoffRenders a on off toggle field
oCclass_formentry_userThe user-selector makes use of tow form-fields, the name and the systemid of the element
oCclass_formentry_yesnoA yes-no field renders a dropdown containing one entry for yes and one for no
oCclass_formular_contactPortal-Class to provide a simple contact-form
oCclass_geocoderClass to receive geo coordinates of local addresses using external services like Google Maps
oCclass_graph_colorpalettesWrapper class to a few color-palettes
oCclass_graph_commonsClass which provides common methods for graphs
oCclass_graph_datapointClass which represents a data point of a graph
oCclass_graph_ezcThis class could be used to create graphs based on the ez components API
oCclass_graph_factoryGenerates a graph-instance based on the current config
oCclass_graph_pchartThis class could be used to create graphs based on the pChart API
oCclass_gzipThis class provides a wrapper to gzip functionalities
oCclass_historyWrapper to access the last urls the current user / session called
oCclass_http_responsetypesList of possible http-responsecodes
oCclass_http_statuscodesList of possible http-statuscodes
oCclass_imageClass to modify and edit images using a nice little caching In addition, new image can be created
oCclass_image2Class to manipulate and output images
oCclass_image_cropImplements an image scaling operation
oCclass_image_lineImplements an operation to draw a line
oCclass_image_rectangleImplements an operation to draw a rectangle
oCclass_image_rotateImplements an image rotation operation
oCclass_image_scaleImplements an image scaling operation
oCclass_image_scale_and_cropImplements scaling and cropping an image to a fixed width and height
oCclass_image_textImplements a text rendering operation
oCclass_indexWrapper class to centralize a method within its namespace
oCclass_installerClass representing a graphical installer
oCclass_installer_baseBase class for all installers
oCclass_installer_dashboardInstaller for the system-module
oCclass_installer_element_directorybrowserInstaller to install a directorybrowser-element to use in the portal
oCclass_installer_element_downloadsInstaller to install the downloads-module
oCclass_installer_element_facebooklikeboxInstaller to install a facebooklikebox-element to use in the portal
oCclass_installer_element_flashInstaller to install a flash-element to use in the portal
oCclass_installer_element_formularInstaller to install a form-element (provides a basic contact form)
oCclass_installer_element_galleryInstaller to install the mediamanager-module
oCclass_installer_element_languageswitchInstaller for the languageswitch element
oCclass_installer_element_lastmodifiedInstaller to install a lastmodified-element to use in the portal
oCclass_installer_element_mapsInstaller to install a form-element (provides a basic contact form)
oCclass_installer_element_mediaplayerInstaller to install a mediaplayer-element to use in the portal
oCclass_installer_element_portalloginInstaller to install a login-element to use in the portal
oCclass_installer_element_portalregistrationInstaller to install a login-element to use in the portal
oCclass_installer_element_portaluploadInstaller to install a login-element to use in the portal
oCclass_installer_element_rssfeedInstaller to install a rssfeed-element to use in the portal
oCclass_installer_element_tagtoInstaller to install a tagto-element to use in the portal
oCclass_installer_element_tellafriendInstaller to install a tellafriend-element to use in the portal
oCclass_installer_element_userlistInstaller to install a login-element to use in the portal
oCclass_installer_eventmanagerClass providing an installer for the eventmanager module
oCclass_installer_faqsClass providing an installer for the faqs module
oCclass_installer_guestbookInstaller of the guestbook module
oCclass_installer_ldapClass providing an installer for the monita module
oCclass_installer_mediamanagerInstaller to install the mediamanager-module
oCclass_installer_navigationInstaller of the navigation
oCclass_installer_newsClass providing an install for the news module
oCclass_installer_packagemanagerClass providing an install for the packagemanager module
oCclass_installer_packageserverInstaller of the packageserver module
oCclass_installer_pagesInstaller of the pages-module
oCclass_installer_postacommentClass providing an install for the postacomment module
oCclass_installer_ratingClass providing an installer for the rating module
oCclass_installer_samplecontentClass providing an installer for the samplecontent
oCclass_installer_sc_01pagesInstaller of the pages samplecontent
oCclass_installer_sc_02navigationInstaller of the navigation samplecontent
oCclass_installer_sc_downloadsInstaller of the downloads samplecontent
oCclass_installer_sc_eventmanagerInstaller of the eventmanagers samplecontenht
oCclass_installer_sc_faqsInstaller of the faqs samplecontent
oCclass_installer_sc_formularInstaller of the form samplecontent
oCclass_installer_sc_galleryInstaller of the gallery samplecontent
oCclass_installer_sc_guestbookInstaller of the guestbook samplecontent
oCclass_installer_sc_languageswitchInstaller of the navigation languages
oCclass_installer_sc_mediamanagerInstaller of the mediamanager samplecontent
oCclass_installer_sc_newsInstaller of the news samplecontenht
oCclass_installer_sc_postacommentInstaller of the postacomment samplecontent
oCclass_installer_sc_rssfeedInstaller of the rssfeed samplecontent
oCclass_installer_sc_searchInterface of the search samplecontent
oCclass_installer_sc_votingsInstaller of the faqs samplecontent
oCclass_installer_sc_zzlanguagesInstaller of the navigation languages
oCclass_installer_searchClass providing the installer of the search-module
oCclass_installer_statsInstaller handling the installation of the stats module
oCclass_installer_systemInstaller for the system-module
oCclass_installer_tagsClass providing an install for the tags module
oCclass_installer_votingsClass providing an installer for the votings module
oCclass_installer_workflowsClass providing an installer for the workflows module
oCclass_int_validatorA simple validator to validate an integer
oCclass_io_exceptionClass class_io_exception
oCclass_langClass managing access to lang-files
oCclass_ldapThe class_ldap acts as a ldap-connector and is used by the usersources-subsystem as a login-provider
oCclass_linkClass to handle all link-generations, backend and portal
oCclass_lockmanagerThe lockmanager takes care of locking and unlocking systemrecords
oCclass_loggerThe class_logger provides a small and fast logging-engine to generate a debug logfile
oCclass_mailThis class can be used to generate and send emails This class is able to send plaintext mails, html mails, mails with attachements and variations of these
oCclass_messageprovider_eventmanagerThe eventmanager message-provider is able to send mails as soon as a new participant registered for a given event
oCclass_messageprovider_exceptionsThe exceptions-messageprovider sends messages in case of exceptions
oCclass_messageprovider_guestbookThe guestbook message-provider is able to send mails as soon as a new post is available
oCclass_messageprovider_packageupdateThe exceptions-messageprovider sends messages in case of exceptions
oCclass_messageprovider_personalmessageThis messageprovider may be used to send messages directly to a user, so with a kind of "direct messaging" style
oCclass_messageprovider_postacommentThe postacomment message-provider is able to send mails as soon as a new comment is available
oCclass_messageprovider_summaryThe summary message creates an overview of unread messages and sends them to the user
oCclass_modelTop-level class for all model-classes
oCclass_module_dashboard_adminThe dashboard admin class
oCclass_module_dashboard_admin_xmlAdmin-class of the dashboard-module Serves xml-requests, mostly general requests e.g
oCclass_module_dashboard_firstloginlistenerListener to handle first logins of users
oCclass_module_dashboard_recorddeletedlistenerListener to handle deleted users
oCclass_module_dashboard_widgetClass to represent a single adminwidget
oCclass_module_eventmanager_adminAdmin class of the eventmanager-module
oCclass_module_eventmanager_eventBusiness object for a single event
oCclass_module_eventmanager_participantBusiness Object for a single participant, participating at an event
oCclass_module_eventmanager_portalPortal-class of the eventmanager
oCclass_module_faqs_adminAdmin class of the faqs-module
oCclass_module_faqs_categoryModel for a faqs category
oCclass_module_faqs_faqModel for a faq itself
oCclass_module_faqs_portalPortal-class of the faqs
oCclass_module_folderview_adminThis class provides a list-view of the folders created in the database / filesystem
oCclass_module_guestbook_adminAdmin class to handle all guestbook-stuff like creating guestbook, deleting posts, ..
oCclass_module_guestbook_guestbookClass to represent a guestbook book
oCclass_module_guestbook_portalPortal-class of the guestbook
oCclass_module_guestbook_postClass to represent a guestbook post
oCclass_module_languages_adminAdmin-class to manage all languages
oCclass_module_languages_languageModel for a language
oCclass_module_languages_languagesetA languageset connects a set of systemrecords and assigns every single one to defined set
oCclass_module_languages_recorddeletedlistenerRemoves a languageset-entry if the matching record is deleted
oCclass_module_login_adminThis class shows a little LoginScreen if the user is net yet logged in
oCclass_module_login_admin_xmlThe login-xml part is able to fire logins or logouts via the xml-interface (e.g
oCclass_module_mediamanager_adminAdmin class of the mediamanager-module
oCclass_module_mediamanager_admin_xmlAdmin-class of the mediamanager-module Serves xml-requests, e.g
oCclass_module_mediamanager_fileModel for a single file inside a mediamanagers' repo
oCclass_module_mediamanager_logbookModel for the downloads-logbook
oCclass_module_mediamanager_portalGallery Portal
oCclass_module_mediamanager_repoModel for a mediamanagers repo itself
oCclass_module_messagesummary_firstloginlistenerListener to handle first logins of users
oCclass_module_messaging_adminAdmin-class to manage a users messages
oCclass_module_messaging_configModel for a single message, emitted by the messaging subsytem
oCclass_module_messaging_messageModel for a single message, emitted by the messaging subsytem
oCclass_module_messaging_messagehandlerThe messagehandler provides common methods to interact with the messaging-subsystem
oCclass_module_navigation_adminAdmin-class to manage all navigations
oCclass_module_navigation_pointModel for a navigation point itself
oCclass_module_navigation_portalPortal-part of the navigation
oCclass_module_navigation_treeModel for a navigation tree itself
oCclass_module_news_adminAdmin class of the news-module
oCclass_module_news_categoryModel for a newscategory
oCclass_module_news_feedModel for a newsfeed itself
oCclass_module_news_newsModel for a news itself
oCclass_module_news_portalPortal-class of the news
oCclass_module_news_portal_xmlPortal-class of the news
oCclass_module_packagemanager_adminAdmin-GUI of the packagemanager
oCclass_module_packagemanager_contentprovider_kajonaA simple content-provider used to upload archives from the official kajona-repo
oCclass_module_packagemanager_contentprovider_kajonabaseA simple content-provider used to upload archives from the kajonabase-repo
oCclass_module_packagemanager_contentprovider_localA simple content-provider used to upload archives to the local filesytem
oCclass_module_packagemanager_contentprovider_remote_baseA content-provider used to upload archives from remote repositories
oCclass_module_packagemanager_managerCentral class to access the package-management subsystem
oCclass_module_packagemanager_metadataHelper class, used to read the metadata-files from packages or the filesystem
oCclass_module_packagemanager_packagemanager_elementImplementation to handle module-packages
oCclass_module_packagemanager_packagemanager_moduleImplementation to handle module-packages
oCclass_module_packagemanager_packagemanager_templateManager to handle template packages
oCclass_module_packagemanager_remoteparser_factoryThis factory inspects a remote API result and finds the remote parser implementation being able to handle the result
oCclass_module_packagemanager_remoteparser_v3A remote parser which handles results of Kajona's package manager API provided by version 3.x
oCclass_module_packagemanager_remoteparser_v4A remote parser which handles results of Kajona's package manager API provided by version 4.x
oCclass_module_packagemanager_templateA model-class for template-packs
oCclass_module_packageserver_adminAdmin-GUI of the packageserver
oCclass_module_packageserver_logModel for the packageserver-log
oCclass_module_packageserver_portalPortal-class of the packageserver
oCclass_module_pages_adminThis class handles the admin-sided management of the pages In this case, that are only the pages NOT yet the content
oCclass_module_pages_content_adminThis class is used to edit the content of a page
oCclass_module_pages_elementModel for a element
oCclass_module_pages_folderThis class manages all stuff related with folders, used by pages
oCclass_module_pages_pageModel for a page
oCclass_module_pages_pageelementModel for a element assigned to a page
oCclass_module_pages_portalHandles the loading of the pages - loads the elements, passes control to them and returns the complete page ready for output
oCclass_module_pages_previdchanged_listenerUpdates the navigation path for pages when moved
oCclass_module_postacomment_adminAdmin class of the postacomment-module
oCclass_module_postacomment_portalPortal-class of the postacomment
oCclass_module_postacomment_portal_xmlPortal-class of the postacomment-module Serves xml-requests, e.g
oCclass_module_postacomment_postModel for comment itself
oCclass_module_postacomment_recorddeletedlistenerRemoves comments added to the passed systemid
oCclass_module_rating_algo_absoluteDoes an absolute, linear rating based on the current rating-value
oCclass_module_rating_algo_gaussianDoes an assessed rating based on the current rating-value using the concept of the normal distribution by Gauss
oCclass_module_rating_portalRating Portal
oCclass_module_rating_portal_xmlPortal-class of the rating-module Serves xml-requests, e.g
oCclass_module_rating_rateModel for rating itself
oCclass_module_rating_recorddeletedlistenerListener to remove ratings from deleted records
oCclass_module_rating_sort_absoluteDoes an absolute, linear sorting based on the current rating-value
oCclass_module_right_adminThis class handles the backend-part of permission-management
oCclass_module_search_adminPortal-class of the search
oCclass_module_search_commonsThis class contains a few methods used by the search as little helpers
oCclass_module_search_indexwriterGeneral object to build / rebuild / update the search-index
oCclass_module_search_logThis class contains a few methods used by the search as little helpers
oCclass_module_search_metadata_filterMetadata allows to filter the result based on characteristics of the current record
oCclass_module_search_objectdeletedlistenerHandles record-delete events
oCclass_module_search_portalPortal-Class of the search module
oCclass_module_search_portal_xmlPortal-class of the search
oCclass_module_search_query_parserThe query parser analyzes the search-query as entered / passed by the user and creates the matching objects to handle the query
oCclass_module_search_recordupdatedlistenerHandles record-updated events
oCclass_module_search_request_endprocessinglistenerUpdates the search index on end of each request
oCclass_module_search_searchModel-Class for search queries
oCclass_module_search_standard_analyzerA default text-analyzer
oCclass_module_search_term_queryA term query is based on a single word, so no boolean combinations
oCclass_module_stats_adminAdmin-Part of the stats, generating all reports an handles requests to workers
oCclass_module_stats_admin_xmlAdmin class of the stats-module - xml based
oCclass_module_stats_workerModel for a stats-worker
oCclass_module_system_adminClass to handle infos about the system and to set systemwide properties
oCclass_module_system_admin_xmlAdmin-class of the system-module Serves xml-requests, mostly general requests e.g
oCclass_module_system_aspectModel for a single aspect
oCclass_module_system_changelogThe changelog is a global wrapper to the gui-based logging
oCclass_module_system_changelog_restorerThe changelog-reverter / restorer is an extension to the changelog-handler is capable of pushing changes back to an object
oCclass_module_system_commonClass to provide methods used by the system for general issues
oCclass_module_system_moduleModel for a single system-module
oCclass_module_system_sessionModel for a single session
oCclass_module_system_settingModel for a single system-setting Setting are not represented by a record in the system-table
oCclass_module_system_userlogoutlistenerUnlocks all records currently locked by the user
oCclass_module_system_workerClass to provide methods used by the system for db tasks as a db check
oCclass_module_tags_adminAdmin-Part of the tags
oCclass_module_tags_admin_xmlThe admin-xml-class of the module tags
oCclass_module_tags_favoriteModel-Class for tags-favorites
oCclass_module_tags_objectindexedlistenerTakes care of adding assigned tags to the objects' index
oCclass_module_tags_recordcopiedlistenerCopies assigned tags from one record to another
oCclass_module_tags_recorddeletedlistenerRemoves tag-assignments on record-deletions
oCclass_module_tags_tagModel-Class for tags
oCclass_module_user_adminThis class provides the user and groupmanagement
oCclass_module_user_groupModel for a user-group, can be based on any type of usersource Groups are NOT represented in the system-table
oCclass_module_user_logModel for a user-login-log
oCclass_module_user_sourcefactoryThe sourcefactory holds references to all subsystems and manages the global access
oCclass_module_user_userModel for a user Note: Users do not use the classical system-id relation, so no entry in the system-table
oCclass_module_votings_adminAdmin class of the votings-module
oCclass_module_votings_answerModel for a voting answer itself
oCclass_module_votings_portalPortal-class of the votings
oCclass_module_votings_votingModel for a single voting, so the entry to a voting
oCclass_module_workflows_adminAdmin class of the workflows-module
oCclass_module_workflows_handlerA workflow handler stores all metadata of a single workflow-handler
oCclass_module_workflows_portalPortal-class of the workflows module
oCclass_module_workflows_workflowA single workflow
oCclass_news_news_objectvalidatorValidates a news start/end/archive date for a correct logical order
oCclass_numeric_validatorA simple validator to validate a number
oCclass_objectfactoryThe objectfactory is a central place to create instances of common objects
oCclass_objectvalidator_baseBase implementation of an object validator
oCclass_objectvalidator_helperHelper class for object validators
oCclass_orm_baseAbstract base class for all other orm related handler classes
oCclass_orm_exceptionMost exceptions thrown by the orm system will use the class_orm_exception type in order to react with special catch-blocks
oCclass_orm_objectinitThe orm object init class is used to init an object from the database
oCclass_orm_objectlistThe objectlist class is used to load a list of objects or to count a list of objects
oCclass_orm_objectlist_orderbyA single order-by statement
oCclass_orm_objectlist_restrictionA objectlist restriction may be used to create where restrictions for the objectList and objectCount queries
oCclass_orm_objectupdateThe objectupdate class is used to save an objects' state back to the database
oCclass_orm_rowcacheCaches rows fetched by the database layer
oCclass_orm_schemamanagerThe schemamanager-class is used to generate the table out of an objects annotations
oCclass_orm_schemamanager_rowData-object used by the schema-manager internally
oCclass_orm_schemamanager_tableData-object used by the schema-manager internally
oCclass_pages_sortmanagerA sort-manager for pages & folders
oCclass_pdfThis class provides access to a rudimentary pdf-generation
oCclass_pdf_footerSample implementation of a footer
oCclass_pdf_headerSample implementation of a footer
oCclass_pluginmanagerThe pluginmanager is a central object used to load implementers of interface_generic_plugin
oCclass_portalEmpty class-body to remain backwards compatible with Kajona releases prior to V 4.6
oCclass_portal_controllerBase class for all portal-interface classes
oCclass_posint_validatorA simple validator to validate a positive integer
oCclass_qrcodeThis class provides a wrapper to the qrcode-library
oCclass_reflectionAnnotations are a common way to enrich classes and methods with metainformation and documentation
oCclass_remoteloaderClass providing a wrapper to remote objects
oCclass_request_dispatcherThe request-dispatcher is called by all external request-entries and acts as a controller
oCclass_resourceloaderLoader to dynamically resolve and load resources (this is mapping a virtual file-name to a real filename, relative to the project-root)
oCclass_rightsClass to handle all the right-stuff concerning system-records
oCclass_rootThe top-level class for models, installers and top-level files An instance of this class is used by the admin & portal object to invoke common database based methods
oCclass_rssfeedA simple class to generate a xml-based rss-feed
oCclass_scriptlet_helperThe scriptlet helper is the central place to trigger scriptlets or read meta-infos about the scriptlets currently installed
oCclass_scriptlet_imagehelperThe imagehelper converts image-placeholders to real urls
oCclass_scriptlet_langThe lang-scriptlet may be used to embed language-file entries into a template
oCclass_scriptlet_qrcodeThe qrcode scriptlet generates a qrcode based on the passed url
oCclass_scriptlet_searchhighlightReplaces searched words with a highlighted background
oCclass_scriptlet_statscollectorThe imagehelper converts image-placeholders to real urls
oCclass_scriptlet_xconstantsGeneral replacement of global constants such as the webpath
oCclass_search_enum_indexactionEnum to differ the deferred indexer actions
oCclass_search_eventidentifierList of events managed by the search module
oCclass_search_indexqueueA simple wrapper object to the deferreds indexer queue
oCclass_search_resultWrapper for a single search-result
oCclass_sessionManages all those session stuff as logins or logouts and access to session vars
oCclass_socketClass providing a wrapper for sockets
oCclass_stats_report_commonThis plugin creates a view common numbers, such as "user online" or "total pagehits"
oCclass_stats_report_downloadsThis plugin show the list of download, served by the downloads-module
oCclass_stats_report_packageserverqueriesPlugin to module stats, ploting a list of most active query-sources
oCclass_stats_report_searchqueriesThis plugin shows the list of queries performed by the local searchengine
oCclass_stats_report_topbrowserThis plugin creates a view common numbers, such as "user online" oder "total pagehits"
oCclass_stats_report_topcountriesThis plugin creates a list of countries the visitors come from
oCclass_stats_report_topdownloadsThis plugin show the list of top download, served by the downloads-module
oCclass_stats_report_toppagesThis plugin creates a view common numbers, such as "user online" oder "total pagehits"
oCclass_stats_report_topqueriesThis plugin creates a view common numbers, such as "user online" oder "total pagehits"
oCclass_stats_report_topreferersThis plugin creates a view common numbers, such as "user online" oder "total pagehits"
oCclass_stats_report_topsessionsThis plugin creates a view showing infos about the sessions
oCclass_stats_report_topsystemsThis plugin creates a view common numbers, such as "user online" oder "total pagehits"
oCclass_stats_report_topvisitorsThis plugin creates a view common numbers, such as "user online" oder "total pagehits"
oCclass_system_eventidentifierCentral namespace for all events thrown and managed by the core / module system
oCclass_systemid_validatorA simple validator to validate a systemid
oCclass_systeminfo_dbGeneral information regarding the current timezone environment
oCclass_systeminfo_gdGeneral information regarding the current gd lib environment
oCclass_systeminfo_phpGeneral information regarding the current php environment
oCclass_systeminfo_timeGeneral information regarding the current timezone environment
oCclass_systeminfo_webserverGeneral information regarding the current timezone environment
oCclass_systemtask_baseBase class for all systemtasks
oCclass_systemtask_compresspicuploadsResizes and compresses all uploaded pictures in "/files/images" to save disk space
oCclass_systemtask_dbconsistencyRuns a few kajona-specific checks to ensure the db-integrity
oCclass_systemtask_dbdumpDumps the database to the filesystem using the current db-driver
oCclass_systemtask_dbimportRestores the database from the filesystem using the current db-driver
oCclass_systemtask_filedumpCreates a zip-archive of all relevant folders in the system
oCclass_systemtask_flushcacheFlushes the entries from the systemwide cache
oCclass_systemtask_flushpiccacheFlushes all images saved to the cache
oCclass_systemtask_ldapsyncSyncs the ldap-userbase with the data from the directory
oCclass_systemtask_navigationcheckCheckes the existing navigation-points for valid internal links
oCclass_systemtask_pageexportExports a page into a xml-structure
oCclass_systemtask_pageimportImports a xml-based page into the system
oCclass_systemtask_search_indexrebuildRebuild the search index
oCclass_systemtask_stats_hostnamelookupResolves the hostnames of given ips
oCclass_systemtask_stats_hostnamelookupresetResets erroneous hostnames
oCclass_systemtask_stats_ip2cResolves the country for a given ip-adress
oCclass_systemtask_systemstatusA systemtask to set the status of a given record
oCclass_systemtask_workflowsTriggers the execution of the workflow-engine
oCclass_templateThis class does all the template stuff as loading, parsing, etc
oCclass_template_mapperThe templatemapper takes an object and scans it for various properties marked to be exported into a template
oCclass_test_functionsClass class_test_functions
oCclass_testbaseThe class_testbase is the common baseclass for all testcases
oCclass_text_validatorA simple validator to validate a string
oCclass_toolkitBaseClass for admin / portal toolkits Toolkits are there to serve small patterns used time by time
oCclass_toolkit_adminAdmin-Part of the toolkit-classes
oCclass_toolkit_portalPortal-Part of the toolkit
oCclass_twochars_validatorA simple validator to validate is a string has a length of exactly two chars By default, the string must contain a single char, the max length is unlimited
oCclass_uploadfile_validatorA simple validator to validate a string
oCclass_urlencode_templatemapperA templatemapper passing the value through urlencode
oCclass_user_templatemapperA templatemapper to render a property linking to a users' systemid
oCclass_user_validatorChecks if the given object is a valid user or user group
oCclass_usersources_group_kajonaThis class represents a group based on the internal authentication system
oCclass_usersources_group_ldapRepresents a single group inside the directory
oCclass_usersources_source_kajonaThe kajona usersource is the global entry and factory / facade for the classical kajona usersystem
oCclass_usersources_source_ldapGlobal entry into the ldap-subsystem
oCclass_usersources_user_kajonaModel representing an user within the classical kajona subsystem
oCclass_usersources_user_ldapUser-part of the ldap-connector
oCclass_wadlgeneratorThis class may be used in order to generate a wadl-file for a single module
oCclass_workflow_ldap_syncTriggers the internal sync of the ldap-userbase
oCclass_workflow_search_deferredindexerA workflow used to index objects decoupled from their changes
oCclass_workflow_workflows_dbdumpWorkflow to create a dbdump in a regular interval, by default configured for 24h
oCclass_workflow_workflows_messagesummaryThis workflow creates a summary of new message for every user - if the user activated the summary provider
oCclass_workflows_controllerThe controller triggers the execution of scheduled workflows and manages the transition of workflows' states
oCclass_xmlClass handling all requests to be served with xml
oCclass_xml_parserClass to handle xml-files, parsing them using a dom parser
oCclass_zipThis class is a wrapper to phps' integrated zip-archive methods and objects
oCinterface_adminInterface for all admin-classes (modules) Ensures, that all needed methods are being implemented
oCinterface_admin_elementInterface for the admin-classes of page-elements
oCinterface_admin_gridableA grid-element is a subset of the listables
oCinterface_admin_listableAs soon as an entry should be listable in the administration (and makes use of the auto-generated lists), the object should implement interface_admin_listable
oCinterface_admin_statsreportsInterface for the admin-plugins of the stats-reports
oCinterface_admin_systemtaskInterface to specify the layout of a systemtask
oCinterface_admininterface_pluginInterface for admin-plugins
oCinterface_adminskin_imageresolverEach skin should provide a class called "class_adminskin_imageresolver.php" implementing this interface
oCinterface_adminwidgetInterface to be implemented by all adminwidgets
oCinterface_calendarsource_adminThis interface indicates whether a single module may be a factory for calendar-events
oCinterface_changelog_providerA changelog provider creates a mapping of objects to target-tables
oCinterface_db_driverInterface to specify the layout of db-drivers
oCinterface_formentryInterface for all form-objects
oCinterface_formentry_printableExtension to the simple formentry-interface, adds a method to fetch a textual representation of the value
oCinterface_generic_pluginA generic plugin is an object implementing a given extension point / plugin point
oCinterface_genericevent_listenerThe generic event-listener may be used to listen to events even if the implementing interface may not be available in the current system-setup
oCinterface_graphInterface for all chart-engines
oCinterface_image_operationInterface interface_image_operation Each image-operation plugin has to implement this interface
oCinterface_installerInterface for all module installers
oCinterface_installer_removableExtension to the basic interface, add support for remove-operations to the current installer
oCinterface_iteratorInterface for all iterators An iterator is used to walk over a collection of elements
oCinterface_messageproviderA message-provider is used to emit and to process messages, e.g
oCinterface_messageprovider_extendedThe extended interface adds some special configuration options to messageproviders
oCinterface_modelInterface for all model-classes
oCinterface_module_rating_algoInterface to be implemented by all rating-algorithms designed to calculate ratings
oCinterface_module_rating_sortalgoInterface to be implemented by all rating-sort-algorithms designed to calculate the lists
oCinterface_packagemanager_contentproviderA contentprovider is a single source, e.g
oCinterface_packagemanager_packagemanagerA packagemanager handles a single package or a list of packages installed locally
oCinterface_packagemanager_remoteparserA remote parser knows how to handle the result of a queried remote content provider
oCinterface_pdf_footerInterface for a single pdf footer element
oCinterface_pdf_headerInterface for a single pdf header element
oCinterface_portalInterface for all portal-classes (modules) Ensures, that all needed methods are being implemented
oCinterface_portal_elementInterface for the portal-classes of page-elements
oCinterface_previdchanged_listenerDefines all methods a previd-changed-listener should implement in order to react on those events
oCinterface_recordcopied_listenerDefines all methods a record-copied-changed-listener should implement in order to react on those events
oCinterface_recorddeleted_listenerDefines all methods a record-deleted-listener should implement in order to react on those events
oCinterface_recordupdated_listenerInterface for objects listening on record-updated events
oCinterface_sc_installerInterface for all installers
oCinterface_scriptletScriptlets are a way to realize common helper-methods, e.g
oCinterface_search_pluginInterface for all portal search-plugins
oCinterface_search_portalobjectA special interface to be implemented by all objects to be included into the portal search index
oCinterface_search_queryInterface for search queries
oCinterface_search_resultobjectThis interface is used to generate the click-link for objects found by the search
oCinterface_sortable_ratingObjects to be sortable by the rating have to implement this interface
oCinterface_sortmanagerA implementation of the sortmanager-interface handles all operations related to sort-operations
oCinterface_statuschanged_listenerDefines all methods a status-changed-listener should implement in order to react on those events
oCinterface_systeminfoInterface for systeminfo plugins
oCinterface_templatemapperInterface to convert a single value to a readable value, printable to a template
oCinterface_userfirstlogin_listenerInterface to be implemented by listeners on users' first logins
oCinterface_usersources_groupGlobal interface for all groups
oCinterface_usersources_userInterface for all users
oCinterface_usersources_usersourceInterface defining all main methods for a single usersource
oCinterface_validatorA validator is used to validate a chunk of data
oCinterface_validator_extendedA validator is used to validate a chunk of data
oCinterface_versionableThe interface_versionable lists all methods an object has to implement in order to comply with the internal changelog-system
oCinterface_workflows_handlerA single workflow has to implement this interface
oCinterface_workflows_handler_extendedinfoAdds some descriptive text to the current workflow-instance
oCinterface_xmlInterface for all xml-classes (modules) Ensures, that all needed methods are being implemented
oCinterface_xml_adminInterface for all xml-admin-classes (modules) Ensures, that all needed methods are being implemented
oCinterface_xml_portalInterface for all xml-portal-classes (modules) Ensures, that all needed methods are being implemented
oCorm_schematest_testclassClass orm_schematest_testclass
oCorm_schematest_testclass_datatypeClass orm_schematest_testclass
oCorm_schematest_testclass_tablecolumnClass orm_schematest_testclass
oCorm_schematest_testclass_targettable1Class orm_schematest_testclass
oCorm_schematest_testclass_targettable2Class orm_schematest_testclass
oCtest_systemchangelogTestTests a few aspects of the changelog-component